Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yard Sale Finds and Nesting Tables Redo

Happy March ya'll!

It's been quite the busy past
couple of weeks here at
the Ruffle Household!

Last week, my grandson James
and his other grandmas were
here for a visit.  We kept pretty
busy catching beetles & snails
in the morning.. and playing in
the afternoon in the wonderful
Florida sunshine!  We even managed
to get a trip to Sea World in, or,
as he calls it... "Shark Land"!

I now know more than I care to
about all sorts of sharks.. Lemon Sharks,
Tiger Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks..
Little James is quite the smarty pants
when it comes to sharks! 
(He'll even tell you which ones
will bite you and which ones won't.. hehe)

Here's a cute pic of him eating
Florida oranges on our lanai..

Silly kid!!

Last weekend Mr. Ruffles
went golfing.. *yawn*..

So.. I went to a few yard sales.
Sooo, happy I did!

Look what I found:

Silver Coffee Pot

Wonderful Scale
and more buttons!

Check this out!
My favorite find of the weekend.

A French bottle with
the labels still attached.
Did you see the top?
With the 4 holes..
how cool is that?!

Desk.. yes, I have the drawers.. LOL

Cute side table and
wood pedestal.

And, these nesting tables..

Today I got to work on them.

I cleaned them up, and
then painted 1 coat of white,
then, 1 dry brushed coat of grey..

Sanded them down to
give them that Shabby goodness..

and added a French graphic
to come up with these!

~ Sherri ~

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  1. We are having the best weather for company! Looks like you had lots of fun.
    What great finds! I would have bought all of it myself..

  2. your tables turned out so cute- i love their nice slim legs!

  3. Hi KarenSue.. yep, we sure are! Last weekend was a bit on the cloudy and rainy side.. but, that was ok since we hit Sea World that day.. it was actually perfect for amusment parkin'.. lol Thanks for stopping by :-)

    Hi Cassie! Nice to have you by again! Thanks so much!



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