Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shabby Dresser Re-do

Whew! Just finished redo-ing my "new" little dresser... Another Craigslist find. The guy wanted $95, I emailed and asked if he'd take $50.. he wrote back and said YES! Yippee!!

Here's the befores: (Yep, I remembered this time!!)

This peice is in really good and clean condition, so that saved me alot of prep time..

Alot of sanding, painting and scuffing up later.. and here is the finished product!

Soooo much prettier.

I lightly sanded everywhere, bought new knobs that were already "shabbied" from Hobby Lobby and added the rose applique' to the top drawer:

What do ya think?

Edit: (7:10 pm EST)

I've been watching TV  thinking about what type of runner I wanted to sew for my new little dresser. My mind just won't shut down! My body, however, has been arguing with my mind the entire afternoon and evening.. guess who won?! haha

I decided I didn't have the energy to sew anymore tonight and will give it a whirl tomorrow. Instead, I did "dress" up my new little dresser a bit and snapped some shots.. enjoy!!

I'm hoping tomorrow morning the sun is shining.. can't wait to see the sunshine through my blue jars..
and brighten up my ironstone..

This rosy runner I bought from Salvation Army for .99 cents awhile back.  It's so long, it does fit from one end of my 6 seater kitchen table to the other, but, I am loving the way it hangs long on the sides of the dresser now.  I think tomorrow, insted of making a completley new runner, I'll keep this one and just add a few ruffles.

To end the night, here is a picture of my dinette area.
Yeah, I gotta get my butt movin' on paintin' the chairs and table!!

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  1. I think this came out great! Love the knobs and the rose applique.

  2. Looks so fresh and sweet, now! Great idea to add the applique. Nice makeover! xx

  3. I love the dresser, those roses are the best.

  4. Thanks so much Ladies! I was so excited about this little dresser, I bought it on Tuesday and finished it this afternoon.. I am exhausted! LOL

  5. What a awesome transformation-I would have never guessed it was the same piece-love your style!

  6. Well done, this is a great do over. Recently started painting everything white and am now addicted.

  7. Same here Pearl, I started with the hutch and now I can't stop!
    Rebecca, thanks so much! The transformation, for me, makes this peice so much more interesting.. so boring before...

  8. I love this! The applique was a great addition and I love the knobs. It looks great with that gorgeous hutch. Nice work!

  9. That's so pretty!! What a great makeover! I love the little applique, and of course I love it painted white! The runner looks beautiful as well. Love it! :)
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Beautiful! What a difference white paint does to old furniture. I love it.

  11. Thanks so much for leaving a comment, glad you like my new little dresser re-do :-)

    Hope ya'll have a great weekend too!!

  12. Great makeover. Love the white. Thanks for joining WUW last week.

  13. Thankyou Kim :) I just love your style and decorating talents. I love reading your blog and tutorials.

  14. I love the dresser. You did a wonderful job. Your dinette area is precious!

  15. super cute dresser!! new follower here!!!

  16. Thanks so much SD and PJ :) We are in the process of moving to a new house (on Monday) so, everything is chaos right now.. grr... but, can't wait to start decorating asap!!

  17. Sherry you talented girl! Your dining room is so gorgeous!!! I love it. You hub sure is lucky that your so talented. You're saving him a ton of money.

    OOO's...Tracy :)


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