Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just Afters...

I started to buy some wood furniture off of Craigslist and from Salvation Army here in town.. over the last couple of months.  I would strip it down, sand it and paint it white.. never even thinking to do the "before" photos.  Ooopsy!!

I thought I'd share my "afters" with ya'll anyway.. Enjoy!

3 Shabbied up wooden candlesticks I found at Salvation Army for $3 each.

This rocking chair was also from Salvation Army. It used to be completely black, now, of course, in beautiful white!

Here she is sitting pretty in my living room..

I sewed these 2 pillows previously, and when I put the rocking chair inside, thought these were the little added touch she needed to make her complete...

And, lastly, here's another chair I redid.. she has a "soulmate match" already painted.. just waiting for me to put together the matching seat cover.  These chairs were free! My dad picked them up off the side of the road and sanded them down before offering them up to me.. yay! Thanks Dad!!

And, last.. but, not least.. not in the very least at all!!! My first furniture re-do. I purchased this hutch from Salvation Army as well.  A bit more pricey than I wanted to pay.. but, I really wanted to add a white hutch to my dinette area.  Of course, she wasn't white when I bought her.. but, look at her now!


This is the on top of my hutch. I spraypainted the birdcages, added some hydrangeas inside and a birdie peeking inside on top.  I also spraypainted the mirror white. (I scored that $99 mirror at Tuesday Morning for only $7!! It was on clearance, then, around Christmas time they had a clearance sale ON the clearance stuff!!)

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my "Afters".. and I sincerely apoligize for not having the befores...

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  1. No apology necessary....sometimes you just get too excited and dive into the project and forget to take those "before" photos! You did a great job with everything. The hutch is beautiful!


  2. I like your "afters"! Great job on transforming the chairs. I love blue ticking (like your pillows). I just made some today for my sun room. What a darling hutch, too. It all looks great! :)

  3. Thanks so much Kelly and Michelle :) Yep, LOVE the ticking fabric (didn't know that's what it was called.. lol..) now that I do, I can tell ya I bought blue ticking AND red ticking. I just love the look of it. My 12 yr old son even said those pillows look like pillows from a bed on "Little House on the Prairie"! Yeah.. spot on son!!

  4. What wonders a little paint can do! Your projects are great and very inspiring. I'm visiting from Twice Owned Tuesday. Hope you'll stop by Cottage and Creek and say 'hello'. I love your hutch too. Everything looks so inviting.

  5. Good stuff! You are not alone in forgetting "afters". It's my worst problem!

  6. Hi Lynn and Allison, glad to hear I'm not alone ;) I am doing a bit better with the befores, I just get sooo excited to start I forget to go inside and grab my camara!! LOL

  7. You did a wonderful job and your pieces are beautiful. ~~Sherry~~

  8. Thanks Sherry :) Can't wait to complete the dresser and vanity I have in the garage, too!

  9. I love all of your "after" photos. Great job. Thanks for linking up to the Winter Blues Wednesday party. Don't forget to stop back and become a follower. I appreciate it...thanks.

  10. Hi Judy! Thankyou much. Just made another stop, that's 2x today.. hehe and now am following. Thanks again :)

  11. Hi Tynk!

    So nice to meet you! I have perused many of your posts and just loved each one. You have done a great job transforming each piece of furniture into a very beautiful piece.

    I love white too! People look at me funny when I say that but I just love its brightness and clean look and how it compliments other colors

    Sweet little grandbaby you have there :)

    Kindly, Lorraine


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