Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goodwill Chair to Shabby Goodness Chair!

I went to a local Goodwill store
the other day.  As soon as I walked
in the door I spotted this beauty:

Ain't she cute?

Sexy spindle legs,
Curvy arms,
and a seat big enough
to hold my "end result"
of eating too many
Christmas cookies!!

So, I packed her in the truck
and she came home with me.

I sanded her down, bathed her,
gave her a pretty makeover
in Valspars' Swiss Coffee paint,
overstuffed and wrapped her seat
with some gorgeous
Shabby Chic fabric:

And here she is!

Sooo much cuter :-)

~ Sherri ~


  1. Oh my--I love that chair! I love what you did with it, Isn't it fun walking into Goodwill and finding a beauty like that?! Other people probably think its not that great, but they have no vision.

  2. Happy New Year
    She is gorgeous!!!
    What a great makeover

    Suzann ~xoxo~

  3. Love the fabric and over stuffed chair, I love this!!


  4. She is so much better looking now!!

    Happy New Year,

  5. Hi Ladies! Thankyou so much! LOVE walking in and finding a gorgeous peice of furniture someone thinks cant be made beautiful again... to whomever dropped this one off... thankyou VERY much...LOL shes currently in my living room. LOVE the way it pulls in all the other white in that room.
    Thanks for coming over and commenting.. I appreciate it!

  6. Great improvement on the chair!

  7. The chair is beautiful...I love it. Sorry i havent been around that much lately, so much family drama here, lol. the fabric on the chair is beautiful..The Rosalie fabric is my favorite.

  8. I was just reading my Romantic Homes Magazine and see your blog is featured!! What an honor! Congratulations!


  9. Thanks Carol!
    I went to Barnes n Noble last weekend to buy it, but, it wasn't out yet.. boo...
    Do you have subscription or did you go out and buy it?
    Thanks bunches! I'm super excited to see it!!


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