Friday, July 15, 2011

Sweet lill Step Ladder

Ok, so THIS is the reason I don't have
any pictures of my booth fo ya'll today..

I put my camara in my purse yesterday
so I wouldn't forget to take it with me
to take pictures of my booth and show ya'll.

Last night I re-did this sweet lill stepladder
and took my camara out of my purse
so I could take pictures of the afters..

Der.. da.. der.. I forgot to put my
camara BACK in my purse!!


Hopefully I'll remember on Monday.. Sorry!!


I bought this sweet little stepladder
a couple of days ago.

As much as I love dragonflies..
in my opinion, the ladder
was in dire need of a shabby makeover!

Here is the before:

I left the original white paint on, and added
splashes of light aqua and pink
and another quick coat of white
and then shabbied it up.

I need to seal it up with wax yet, but,
have been searching for that extra
minute to do so..

Never enough time in the day...

But, loving the end result of
this sweet lill step ladder!!


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  1. There's just something about a little old ladder!! So charming! :)

  2. I love those little old step stools!


  3. Nancy D'OportoJuly 15, 2011 at 9:32 PM

    love it. Although i never use wax. I would just leave it.

  4. Thankyou much Ladies :) Still debating whether to bring it to the booth or keep it for me. I've been moving it all over the house, trying to find a spot for it! LOL

    Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

  5. Hi Sherri, Just love waht you did to that sweet ladder...hummmm! I think I would have to keep it...LOL!
    Thank you so much for visiting...looking forward to seeing pics of your space!

  6. Thanks Debbie :) It's still in my living room as we speak.. waiting for a space.. LOL Hopefully I can find one!


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