Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ballerina Pillow

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you're enjoying your day?
Yesterday we took a trip to the waterpark to cool off.
So much fun!

When I got home, I called my grandson, James..
First thing he says to me is:
"I wanna come to your Florida, Punkin!"

(He lives in Michigan, is 3 yrs old and calls me Punkin..)

Ahh.. I love that little guy!

Today, I thought I'd do some work in the garage..

I was wrong. Too hot!!

So, I stayed inside, did some cleaning and made this
sweet ballerina pillow..

I used a ballerina picture from

Added some glitter and a
pretty pink rhinestone..

Just adorable!

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  1. Punkin....Your pillow is adorable LOL!


  2. So pretty! I would just look at that and feel serenity! Come over and see what I did with a $1 chair!


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