Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Booth Pictures!

I spent quite a bit of time
at my booth yesterday..

I broght some new things in..
chatted with customers..
and sold a couple of frames
and the lamp I just posted about
a few days ago!  Thank you!

After "re" decorating a bit,
I took some pictures to show
you what my booth looks like
as of yesterday.. hope you like!

Yes, I kept my Christmas tree
up for a bit longer.

I took the Christmas ornaments off
and added some glass heart ones
for Valentines Day!

Cabbage and Roses Pillows:

If you'd like to visit my booth
it is located at:

Traditions Antique Mall
3107 E State Road 44
Wildwood, FL

I am vendor #20.


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  1. Very pretty!! I love all the white! Happy VTT

  2. Your booth looks so that dresser!!!


  3. You have one of the prettiest, brightest booths I ever saw. It would be a pleasure visiting it.

  4. Hi Sherri,
    Your booth is so pretty and I see many things that I'd love to have. Our booths can keep us on our toes for sure.


  5. LV: Thanks so much! I wish you could visit :-)

    Hi Sissie, you've really been keeping busy too! Love following your blog and seeing all your creative "business".. hehe

  6. It is absolutely gorgeous!! I was thrifting in Leesburg today, but did not make it all the way to Wildwood. You should be so proud of your booth! I would die for that much space!


  7. Your booth looks great Sherri! I love the lights in the rafters. Kathy and I need to get to Wildwood soon.
    I was fluffing today and forgot to take the camera!!

  8. Hi Sherri!! As always your booth is beautiful!! Can't believe I missed you again at Traditions!! Will be visiting ther this weekend and of course will be spending time at your booth looking at your amazing work!!

  9. Hiya Carol, oh my gosh woman! I wish you would've let me know you were going to Leesburg, we could've met for lunch! Leesburg is only a few minutes up the road for me.. Next time!!

    SueBee ~ Thankyou so much! I always forget my camara.. lol This time I made sure I stuck it in my purse the night before, so I wouldn't forget!

    Annonymous.. who is this?? I wish I knew so I could say hi!

    Sandy, hi!! Thankyou darlin!


  10. I wish I lived closer! I want to shop!


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