Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sweet Lill Stool ~n~ Stuff

It's still MUCH too hot to paint in the garage,
so, I've been bringing a huge peice of cardboard
inside and painting on the kitchen floor..

Here's a few photos of what I've been up to lately:

I painted an old blue train case.

Tried my hand at embellishing
a stack of books..


Painted, shabbied and added
this sweet picture of a ballerina
from The Graphics Fairy.

And, another one..
This one is one of my favorites,
since I am from the North afterall!

Before of a really icky stool

And, after.. yay!

And, this plate stand.

It was black, with red roses
and green leaves.

I painted the entire thing white,
then shabbied it,
and painted the roses a blush pink.



  1. I LOVE how that stool turned out and so glad that last item is no longer black and red, it is SO much prettier now!

    Had to laugh about you painting things in the kitchen because the garage is too hot, so can relate. I haven't even started in the garage due to it being so hot. We just converted a way too hot enclosed back porch to being part of the kitchen so it now has tons of windows and rather than putting a table in there, it has saw horses and a board with rug of canvas tarp,lol! I keep calling it "my studio" and my husband just told me last night I ought to continue to! (with some changes) Like use a real table (have one) and cover it and put in some shelves to hold my stuff and keep a drawer for brushes etc.! This is till we clear out a space in the basement and add a sink for water to clean out brushes etc. WOOHOO!

  2. It's always great to meet another friendly Floridian!

    Love your makeovers...and especially that old buffet! You worked magic on that one!

    Have a lovely weekend, and thanks for stopping by!

  3. Very pretty finds. Love the sweet little footstool and the tole piece that you painted.


  4. Of course I love it all, that ballerina picture is fabulous framed, I'm going to do that! I have got to paint up some more suitcases mine have all sold. My books sell really fast let me know if yours sell? I am off to paint in the inside craft room LOL!


  5. The northern lady is unique!.... the ballerina looks like a vintage pair in my daughter's room.. good taste, girl! Andrea @ townandprairie

  6. Thanks everyone! I have really taken a break it seems this August. The heat has finally gotten to me! (And, Mr. Ruffles doesn't really care for me taken charge of the kitchen floor!! LOL) I have done a few smaller things, such as frames and a couple of mirrors.. I just can't wait till I can paint in the garage again!!

    Hope everyone's been doing great! I MUST take some time and visit ya'lls blogs too..

    Luv ya's!!

  7. I love the stool! What a transformation..
    And the frames are great too! I love it all.
    Hot day today for us! Enjoy...


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