Thursday, June 30, 2011


Is that the right word? Tweaking?

I've spent all day "tweaking" what
I want to bring with me tomorrow
to my new booth at
Traditions Antique Mall.

Thought I'd share a couple of them
with you as I take a break..

Remember this side table
I posted about here?
If you do, then you'll remember
that I also put the handles on
upsidedown!! Duh!! LOL

Well, today this sweet side table
got a little bit of a makeover..

I flipped the handles back the
way they're supposed to go..

Sewed a little fabric heart
and tied it onto one handle
with ribbon and yarn..

And lined the 2 drawers with
fabric to match!

She's all ready to go!!


I also changed this mirror
a little bit..

I painted it a grey/blue color
but, I wasn't really
that happy with it..

So, I took some silver paint
and brushed it in the details
wiping off as I went
to get this..

I'm sooo much happier
with the results!

The hallway by the front door
is such a mess right now..
Including the garage.

I'm tweaking and packing
as I go.. before picking up
the truck tonight at 5.
We'll load it up tonight
and I'm off to the antique mall
tomorrow afternoon!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shabby Chic'd Vanity

It's me again!

And, this time I brought a friend!

Put your thinking caps on for this post...

Remember way back...
I mean waaaaaaay back..
When I first started my blog?

Remember this post about the vanity
I bought off of Craigslist? It was actually
my very first blog posting!

I finally finished her!
You can click over to the 1st post
I ever made on Ruffles n Raspberries
to read about how I got her HERE.

Here are some before pictures:

And here are her afters...

I "modpodged" her drawers
with Toile print scrapbook paper..

When Mr. Ruffles got home
he attached the huge mirror..

Yep, she's still in the garage..
and, she's not coming inside, yet..

She'll be for sale
in my new booth!!


From that.... to this:


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Dresser Re-Do & Announcement!

Good morning & Happy Tuesday everyone!

I hope you're enjoying some really nice
summer weather?  We've finally had some
rain the last couple of nights, which is great
for lowering the temps out of the near 100's,
making it much easier for painting..

I finished a 9 drawer dresser this morning!

Here's the before:

I had already taken the drawers out
before I took a picture..
But, I'm sure we all know
what this dresser looks like
with the drawers in?!

Here's the afters!!

Painted in
Bermuda Sand by Valspar (Matte finish)

From that.... to this!


And, now my announcement:

I am opening a booth in
an antique store!!!

I'm sure it goes without saying,
I'm pretty nervous.. and excited!

Mr. Ruffles & I will be
hauling the furniture
to the store on July 1st.

It's pretty nerve-racking because
while I love what I do, and I
do think I'm pretty good at it..
I've seen some really fabulous
booths in blogland, and in person,
and I'm really hoping that mine
look as good!!

I've really had alot of fun
creating in my sewing room
painting in the garage, and I really
don't want to stop...

Soooo, I have all my fingers
and all my toes crossed
that I do well.

Mr. Ruffles, my biggest fan,
of course just says, "Duh, you'll do fine."
(Sometimes he can be such a DORK!! LOL)

I think he's just happy he
gets most of the garage back..

So, if you're in the Wildwood, Florida
area sometime, my booth will be
located at:

Traditions Antique Mall
3107 E State Road 44
Wildwood, FL

I will take pictures this weekend
to show you all..

I also wanted to thank each
and every one of you for your support
and encouraging comments you've
left on my blog and in emails
in the past few months.

I'm so very lucky to have you all in my life!!


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Monday, June 27, 2011

Vintage Suitcase Re-Do

I bought this Vintage Samsonite suitcase
from a thrift store a few weeks ago.
It's been sitting in my garage.. waiting
for me to bring it back to life..

You'd think in a few weeks time,
I could've taken at least
1 before photo!! GRRR @ me!

I only have a couple
of before pics of the inside
that I took today. Sorry!

The outside was a really nice orange color..
to match the yummy plaid on the inside.. EEK!

I cleaned, sanded, primed and painted the entire
outside of the suitcase white..

Then, brought it in from the garage today
& began to line the inside walls
with linen strips.

I had bought this Pottery Barn crib bumper pad
from a thrift store awhile ago. At the time, I had
no idea what I'd use it for, but, I LOVED the
rosey fabric.. so, I bought it.

I used the bumper pad to line
the inside of the suitcase.

I cut it into 4 even strips,
sewed the edges,
and hotglued it inside.

I also cut off the ties,
and retied them into bows,
and hotglued those all around...

Even without the before photo
I'm hoping you agree..

she's MUCH better now!!

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fairy Garden

Mr. Ruffles suprized me today
with a little fairy garden!!

We already had the "sand castle"..
Bought at Lowes last summer.
The flowers he bought this morning
from Lowes as well.

I had the fairy in a vase in my bedroom,
and thought it'd be really cute flying
above the castle..

Mr. Ruffles thinks it'd be neat to
put some mini stepping stones
going from the grass up to the castle,
so, I'll be on the lookout for something
I can use for that..

But, for the time being, I LOVE
my little fairy garden..

Mr. Ruffles is so sweet to me :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

In case you were wondering..

What I look like!

There is a small profile photo
of myself in the
upper left hand corner of my blog,

And, I know you can't
really see what I look like;
so, I thought I'd grab a couple
of photos from my computer
and show ya..

In case you were wondering!

My grandson and I at Disney World
*yes, my jelly belly roll has been cropped out!! LOL

My son, Anthony and I.
For his 12th birthday
we bought him VIP tickets
to his first concert...

Linkin Park!

Me ~n~ Mr. Ruffles in Cancun.

There ya go.. here I am.

So nice to meet ya'll!!


Sunday, June 19, 2011


Happy Fathers Day
to all you awesome Daddies out there!

I hope ya'll enjoyed the day, you deserve it!

Mr. Ruffles is out of town working,
so, I decided to do a little

Not too long ago, all the blog rage
was the union jack stuff..

Cute? Yep..

but, since 4th of July was coming up soon
I thought I'd give the union jack a twist
and make a shabby chic pillow of
the US flag:

I know, it doesn't look like the USA flag,
but, if you use your imagination..

I cut strips of pink, blue and white fabric.
Washed them so they would fray,

Layered them all up and
stiched each one down
so they wouldn't fray more..

Today was a back & forth
sort of day.  I'd sew a little bit,
then out to the garage to
paint a little bit.

First, I painted a frame pink.
(Sorry, forgot the before!)

Close up of the detail..

Frame with the Shabby Chic US Flag Pillow

Then, back to the sewing room I go!!

I printed this awesome french graphic
sewed that onto some drop cloth.

Then, sewed the ruffle around it.

I tied some black ribbons on
my vanity chair and added the pillow

Yikes! Looks like I'll have to come up
with some sort of a cushion for
the seat too!!

Then, back to the garage
for some more painting!!

Remember the mirror I bought
yesterday at a yard sale?

Here's the before:

And, here's the after!

Close up:

I need Mr. Ruffles to help me
with hanging my mirror and frame up..

Seems I can get quite a bit done
when he's away.. except for the
hanging stuff!! LOL

What have you been up to today?

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