Sunday, September 15, 2013

New/Old Wardrobe

Hiya Shabby Lovers!
Can you believe it's September already?
This past summer just FLEW by!
I am busy busy busier than ever, and that's
always a good thing!!
I wanted to share with you my latest find..
An antique wardrobe...

The bottom, which has a drawer,
the width of the wardrobe,
is behind it..
It comes apart in 3 sections.
We left it that way
so it'll be easier to paint later.
She'll be replacing the wardrobe below,
as soon as I'm finished.
I've enjoyed her for many many months,
but, I was really looking for something
much taller, and with a flat top.
Sooo.. she will be missed terribly,
but, I'm sure one of you will
give her a forever home soon!
As soon as I'm finished painting the
"new"/"old" one, I will be bringing
the one with drawers up to my booth.
If anyone is interested beforehand,
please do let me know...
I also wanted to share a couple recent shots
of my shop.. I hope you enjoy them!







I hope ya'll enjoy your September..
Get ready!! Fall is almost here!
~ Sherri ~

Monday, July 22, 2013

Cabinet Before & After

I picked this cabinet up off of Craigslist
a couple of weeks ago..

Dark.. drab.. blah..
So, out comes my
pretty pink and white paint
And, this is what I got!

Bright, shabby.. YUM!!

I painted the inside and the details
with white, and the rest of her
gorgeousness with pink.

Then, shabbied her all up!
I just love how the old finish is peeking through...

I can so picture her with pretty
rolled up guest towels and lovely soaps inside.
I really, really wish I had the room
in our guest bathroom..
I also painted this antique frame to match.
Again, pink on the outside,
and white on the details.
So pretty!!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy June my friends!

Can you believe it's already summertime?

I've been busier than ever,
and it's all been great!

A week ago I flew up to get my
5 year old grandson from Michigan.
He stayed with us for 8 days.

Here is is making me breakfast!

I just love my little honey pot :-)

We hit Magic Kingdom, Sea World two times,
countless hours of swimming, some shopping,
and, of course, he needed to use ALL of my
tuppeware for gecko habitats.. hehe!

So sad to see him go back home to Michigan,
especially every night when tucking him in
he'd turn to me and say, "Love you Punkin''..

Ahh.. I miss him.. 


I do have some exciting news to share with ya'll.

Kathy of Vintage Finds Magazine
featured me in her June 2013 issue!

She met me up at my booth in Traditions Antique Mall
and then followed me back to my new house to 
take some pictures..

Yep... I said it..


Yay!! Mr. Ruffles and I are now proud homeowners!!

I'm SOOO beyond happy, it's insane! LOL

It's pretty awesome, and quite an honor,
that Kathy wanted to feature my home in  her magazine.

My dining room:

If you see the magazine displayed at your favorite 
antique mall, make sure you pick up a copy
and check it out!

Thankyou Kathy, you did an outstanding job!!


I also finally got around to painting the
table my grandmother gave to me before 
she passed away a couple of years ago.

I love how it turned out.

We use it on our new sunroom
in our new HOME!!
(I can't stop saying that! LOL)

Table before and after:


And, here's a couple of pics I took
of our dining room.. 





(I just had 'ta.. one more time)

~ Sherri ~

Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Mantel For Me & Booth Pix

I did some "fluffing" in my booth
at Traditions Antique Mall in Wildwood, FL;
and wanted to share some pictures with ya'll:


I took an old wooden gate
with white chippy paint on it,
and added 3 dozen roses..
I attached them upside down so
they will dry properly.
My booth smelled wonderful with
the scent of fresh roses for a couple of days!

The dresser on the left sold over the weekend.. yay!


Traditions Antique Mall, where my booth
is located, is having an outside fair
with many vendors selling their "wares" outside.
I will be there, for most of the day,
making deals in my booth!
So, come on down and say "Hi"
I'd love to meet you!
I also wanted to share with you
my latest find for our house.
I can't wait to get started painting this one:
Be still my heart!
I am in LOVE!!
~ Sherri ~

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Feeling Blue

Noo... don't be silly.. I'm not sad!
I titled this post Feeling Blue
because I decided to try out a
really light shade of blue on this
cute little side table I bought:
Here's the before...
And.. here's the after!
I switched out the original wooden
knob with a pretty crystal blue one too!
And, staying with the "feeling blue" theme,
I painted this frenchy looking chair
and recovered it with some gorgeous
Ralph Lauren fabric.
Here's the before..
mmm... gold.. LOL

And, after!

~ Sherri ~

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hometown Hutch

I found this hutch for sale on Craigslist
a couple of months ago..
when I got it home
I looked it all over
and on the back was
the original tag that said
Grand Haven Michigan.
Since Grand Haven is only a few miles
from where I grew up!  My family actually
camped there every summer;
at the Conference Grounds.
Here she is in all her brown glory:
And.. now here she is in all her

I changed the bottom knobs out
with new ones I found at
Michaels eons ago..




Love her MUCH better now!
~ Sherri ~
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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Beveled Beauty

Oh my goodness
Oh my goodness
Oh... my... goodness!!
I'm beyond thrilled with my "new" mirror!
Here's the before:

And.. here's the after!

This is what my mantel looked like
this past Christmas with
a Victorian tapestry above it:
And, now.. this!!

 My heart was racing as Mr. Ruffles
was hanging my "new" mirror!
I may just have to turn the entire
couch around just to gaze at this beauty!!
~ Sherri ~

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