Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy June my friends!

Can you believe it's already summertime?

I've been busier than ever,
and it's all been great!

A week ago I flew up to get my
5 year old grandson from Michigan.
He stayed with us for 8 days.

Here is is making me breakfast!

I just love my little honey pot :-)

We hit Magic Kingdom, Sea World two times,
countless hours of swimming, some shopping,
and, of course, he needed to use ALL of my
tuppeware for gecko habitats.. hehe!

So sad to see him go back home to Michigan,
especially every night when tucking him in
he'd turn to me and say, "Love you Punkin''..

Ahh.. I miss him.. 


I do have some exciting news to share with ya'll.

Kathy of Vintage Finds Magazine
featured me in her June 2013 issue!

She met me up at my booth in Traditions Antique Mall
and then followed me back to my new house to 
take some pictures..

Yep... I said it..


Yay!! Mr. Ruffles and I are now proud homeowners!!

I'm SOOO beyond happy, it's insane! LOL

It's pretty awesome, and quite an honor,
that Kathy wanted to feature my home in  her magazine.

My dining room:

If you see the magazine displayed at your favorite 
antique mall, make sure you pick up a copy
and check it out!

Thankyou Kathy, you did an outstanding job!!


I also finally got around to painting the
table my grandmother gave to me before 
she passed away a couple of years ago.

I love how it turned out.

We use it on our new sunroom
in our new HOME!!
(I can't stop saying that! LOL)

Table before and after:


And, here's a couple of pics I took
of our dining room.. 





(I just had 'ta.. one more time)

~ Sherri ~

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