Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Turning 40

Is August really here already?!

My gosh, this year has just flown by.

Today is the last day of my 30's..


This past year, when someone would ask me,
"How old are you?"  I replied, "Almost 40."
I never even embraced my last year of my 30's
by replying, "I'm 39."  Ah.. such is life..

And.. on to fabulous 40's!

The past 2 weeks of my 30's I've spent some
quality time with my couch and bed.. My allergies
kicked it into high drive and turned into Sinusitus.

I've never had that before, but, let me tell you..
I never want it again!  I spent the last 2 weeks
weak, tired and hacking my lungs out.. or, at least
that's what it felt like!  I did go to the doctor, finally,
last week and he wrote a script for some antibiotics.
Thank goodness they worked, because I had travel
plans this past weekend.  I'm finally feeling much better,
and was able to make my trip up to Michigan to attend
our family reunion, and enjoy my grandson for the past
few days in Traverse City.

Although I wish I had worn makeup for this picture (LOL)
I wanted to share with you my grandson James and I:

And this picture below of my little nutbag
wearning a fake moustache.. haha!

We really had some gorgeous weather up north
we swam every day, played on the playground
and I just ate up every minute I could have with him.
Here he is looking for shells in Traverse City..

While visiting with my dads side
of the family, we made an extra trip
a bit further to see my grandmother.

She gave me 3 quilts..
The 1st one pictured is one she made.
Isn't it gorgeous?
I love it, and will cherish it forever!!

The next 2 you see pictured are antique quilts.

These will look fabulous in my hutch
folded with the others I've collected.

I did manage to sneek away for a bit
and venture off to an antique store.

I picked up this cute little ironstone set:

I also found these clip on Roses..
aren't they fab? Pure white with glitter.

I'm not sure where I'll put them yet,
but, when I saw them glisten in the lights
I just knew they'd be great in my home.

My brother sent me a box from Germany
(where he lives)
for my birthday.. last year, he sent me
some antique grain/coffee sacks.

I'm in the middle of redoing our dining room
table and chairs, and I used those to recover
the five chairs I have to the set.

Guess what he sent me for my birthday
this year?!

Yep! Three more antique sacks!!

Aint he just the BEST big brother?!

My favorite is the one below.
I'm thinking about framing it
and hanging it in my dining room.

Before I left on my trip, I painted this
little sign that says, "Love Never Fails"

It's pink/white background and turquoise lettering.

I also decoupaged some printed tissue paper
on the corners.  I'll be bring this one up to my
booth tomorrow afternoon.

I'm pretty happy with the result, it turned out
so cute and shabby!

I hope ya'll have been enjoying
your summer so far this year..

And, if you're in your 30's..
Embrace EVERY year!!

It slips by soo fast..

~ Sherri ~

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