Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Move

I just wanted to add a quick note here to my new blogland friends... We have been packing and packing and then.. we packed some more!! My SO got a new and better job an hour and a 1/2 north of where we are now, so, we are moving.

It's not something we were planning on, so this move has really taken it's toll on our achy muscles as we are trying to get it all done in a 2 week time frame. I haven't been able to paint or sew at all, and it's really driving me nuts!!!

Tomorrow the movers finally come. So, you would think I could take a day off afterwards and start painting again this weekend.. but, Wednesday we are taking a little trip back up to Michigan to visit my grandmother (she's 96!) and my sweet 3 year old grandson.. Although I really want to start painting and crafting, I am super exited to see my gramma and my lill James :)

So, I'll have to wait 1 more week to get back to paintin' unpacking.. hehe!

See you all in a week...

P.S. I am going to get sidetracked today and stop at Reninngers, though!! Every 3rd weekend of the month they have a flea market/antique fest. And, I'm not going to miss it... especially since we are moving 3 miles down the road from Renningers!! YIPPEE!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

DML Flea Market Trip

Mornin' ya'll! I thought I'd share a couple of photos of my "finds" to my trip to DML Flea Market.  My day started out with driving out to a couple of community yard sales, when I arrived there were only 2 garage/yard sales going on! And, nothing to really speak of to nab.  So I drove out to my favorite "flea market".  I put it in quotes because it's really not a normal flea market.  It's more of a huge warehouse garage sale type place.  LOTS of big and small goodies, including glass, lamps, craft supplies, wood, some furniture, knick knacks.. what-have-ya type store/warehouse. I LOVE it there.  I can usually get lost for at least 2 hours each time I visit..

Anyway, here's what I found on this trip:

Really HEAVY weaved basket, marked "Made in Italy", planter with the holes (I have a couple of plates and a cake stand with these holes.. and thread colored or white ribbon through them. I will do the same for the planter shown here.) 2 huge shells for my beach themed lanai, a holly hobby wall plate, 2 glass candle holders, an embroidered vintage towel and hanky, some cherub decorations (50 cents!) a sweet little white birdie and a really cute wire plant holder that looks like a tea cart to me.

I will be spray painting this little "cart" white, of course!

"Start Each Day in a Happy Way"

Total cost for this trip and my new little trinkets: $22!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shabby Dresser Re-do

Whew! Just finished redo-ing my "new" little dresser... Another Craigslist find. The guy wanted $95, I emailed and asked if he'd take $50.. he wrote back and said YES! Yippee!!

Here's the befores: (Yep, I remembered this time!!)

This peice is in really good and clean condition, so that saved me alot of prep time..

Alot of sanding, painting and scuffing up later.. and here is the finished product!

Soooo much prettier.

I lightly sanded everywhere, bought new knobs that were already "shabbied" from Hobby Lobby and added the rose applique' to the top drawer:

What do ya think?

Edit: (7:10 pm EST)

I've been watching TV  thinking about what type of runner I wanted to sew for my new little dresser. My mind just won't shut down! My body, however, has been arguing with my mind the entire afternoon and evening.. guess who won?! haha

I decided I didn't have the energy to sew anymore tonight and will give it a whirl tomorrow. Instead, I did "dress" up my new little dresser a bit and snapped some shots.. enjoy!!

I'm hoping tomorrow morning the sun is shining.. can't wait to see the sunshine through my blue jars..
and brighten up my ironstone..

This rosy runner I bought from Salvation Army for .99 cents awhile back.  It's so long, it does fit from one end of my 6 seater kitchen table to the other, but, I am loving the way it hangs long on the sides of the dresser now.  I think tomorrow, insted of making a completley new runner, I'll keep this one and just add a few ruffles.

To end the night, here is a picture of my dinette area.
Yeah, I gotta get my butt movin' on paintin' the chairs and table!!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just Afters...

I started to buy some wood furniture off of Craigslist and from Salvation Army here in town.. over the last couple of months.  I would strip it down, sand it and paint it white.. never even thinking to do the "before" photos.  Ooopsy!!

I thought I'd share my "afters" with ya'll anyway.. Enjoy!

3 Shabbied up wooden candlesticks I found at Salvation Army for $3 each.

This rocking chair was also from Salvation Army. It used to be completely black, now, of course, in beautiful white!

Here she is sitting pretty in my living room..

I sewed these 2 pillows previously, and when I put the rocking chair inside, thought these were the little added touch she needed to make her complete...

And, lastly, here's another chair I redid.. she has a "soulmate match" already painted.. just waiting for me to put together the matching seat cover.  These chairs were free! My dad picked them up off the side of the road and sanded them down before offering them up to me.. yay! Thanks Dad!!

And, last.. but, not least.. not in the very least at all!!! My first furniture re-do. I purchased this hutch from Salvation Army as well.  A bit more pricey than I wanted to pay.. but, I really wanted to add a white hutch to my dinette area.  Of course, she wasn't white when I bought her.. but, look at her now!


This is the on top of my hutch. I spraypainted the birdcages, added some hydrangeas inside and a birdie peeking inside on top.  I also spraypainted the mirror white. (I scored that $99 mirror at Tuesday Morning for only $7!! It was on clearance, then, around Christmas time they had a clearance sale ON the clearance stuff!!)

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my "Afters".. and I sincerely apoligize for not having the befores...

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