Sunday, September 15, 2013

New/Old Wardrobe

Hiya Shabby Lovers!
Can you believe it's September already?
This past summer just FLEW by!
I am busy busy busier than ever, and that's
always a good thing!!
I wanted to share with you my latest find..
An antique wardrobe...

The bottom, which has a drawer,
the width of the wardrobe,
is behind it..
It comes apart in 3 sections.
We left it that way
so it'll be easier to paint later.
She'll be replacing the wardrobe below,
as soon as I'm finished.
I've enjoyed her for many many months,
but, I was really looking for something
much taller, and with a flat top.
Sooo.. she will be missed terribly,
but, I'm sure one of you will
give her a forever home soon!
As soon as I'm finished painting the
"new"/"old" one, I will be bringing
the one with drawers up to my booth.
If anyone is interested beforehand,
please do let me know...
I also wanted to share a couple recent shots
of my shop.. I hope you enjoy them!







I hope ya'll enjoy your September..
Get ready!! Fall is almost here!
~ Sherri ~

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